• Silver Package

  • $99/month
    plus $29 per state sales tax filing
    • Access to our proprietary sales tax software Tributum at no cost to you.
    • Access to your sales tax software dashboard to check on progress.
    • Managed compliance services – we manage your sales tax software account leaving you to focus your time on growing your business.
    • Support for basic sales tax questions.
    • Access to our monthly newsletter of recent major state sales tax changes that may impact your business.
    • The ability to get a sales tax exposure analysis report from our Sales Tax Analytics software upon request.
    • Access to our support ticket cue.

  • Elite Gold Package

  • $199/month
    plus $29 per state sales tax filing
    • All the perks of the silver package.
    • Dedicated rep you can contact anytime you have questions.
    • Monthly report sent to you directly of all filings and amounts due for that month.

  • Elite Platinum Package

  • $299/month
    (minimum 1 year commitment)
    plus $29 per state sales tax filing
    • All perks of the gold package.
    • Monthly tracking of sales tax exposure state by state.
    • Registration with any applicable state at no additional cost to you.
    • Up to an hour a month of Q&A with one of our State and Local Tax experts (a $375 value).

We also have additional options outside of the packages:

  • Sales Tax exposure analysis–$100 per analysis report.
  • Established Nexus date in various states: Gives retailers insight into when their physical presence was established in one or more states.
  • Year-to-date sales within a state: Allows both retailers and their accountants to see what a business’ total sales were within a state and to identify current or future states where income filing requirements will be triggered.
  • Current liability within a state: Allows retailers and their accountants to understand their total accumulated back-owed liability within a state, based on sales and current, state-specific rates.
  • Accounts for refunds: Our system automatically accounts for refunds given by Amazon to retailers.
  • Sales Tax Registration Services–$49 per registration.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Services—As low as $500 per application.
  • State Sales Tax Back-filings, or Amended Returns – $75 per filing.


Have a state sales tax question and want to speak with a State and Local Tax Expert?

Consult with a state and local tax expert (SALT) – 30-minute consult $250/ 1-hour consult $375.
Schedule a consult with one Ampersand’s SALT experts. What separates our SALT’s from the rest? All Ampersand SALT’s have prior state auditor experience, and we know how the states think. Some examples we can assist with:

  • Have a general nexus, or sales tax question?
  • What is the proper tax code for your product?
  • Have you been contacted by a state and need to know your options?
  • Need research conducted on state sales tax law?