What Does It Cost?

Our pricing is transparent.


Your Tax & Accounting Needs

Our core business is sales tax management and compliance for ecommerce retailers. Experience has shown us that our clients may also have needs in the areas of bookkeeping and individual income tax compliance. We offer these additional services to our sales tax compliance services clients only.

It is our commitment to provide Fortune 500 expertise and technology at prices appropriate for the entrepreneurial ecommerce retailing industry. While each client’s situation is different, and requires additional information to arrive at the appropriate pricing for certain services, the following pricing applies to all of our clients:

Sales Tax Exposure Analysis–$100 per analysis report.

Established nexus date in various states: Gives retailers insight into when their physical presence was established in one or more states.

Year-to-date sales within a state: Allows both retailers and their accountants to see what a business’ total sales were within a state and to identify current or future states where income filing requirements will be triggered.

Current liability within a state: Allows retailers and their accountants to understand their total accumulated back-owed liability within a state, based on sales and current, state-specific rates.

Accounts for refunds: Our system automatically accounts for refunds given by Amazon to retailers.

Sales Tax Compliance Services–$99 per month plus $29 per return filed in that month.

Don’t stress over managing the sales tax compliance: Ampersand takes over managing the filings and will respond in your businesses behalf to any state correspondence.

We’re here when you need us: sales tax compliance services includes up to 3 phone consultations a month.

Sales Tax Registration Services–$49 per registration.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Services–As low as $500 per application.

Consultation With A State and Local Tax Expert–$250 for a 30 minute consult, or $375 for an hour consult.

We understand how the states work: All of Ampersand’s SALT experts have prior state sales tax auditor experience. We understand how the states think.