Automated Tax Services

For E-Commerce Professionals

Sales Tax Services

Sales Tax Tracking

Monthly tracking of sales tax exposure state by state.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly report sent to you directly of all filings and amounts due for that month.

Sales Tax Filing

Managed Compliance Services 

We manage your sales tax leaving you to focus your time on growing your business.

State Sales Tax Back-filings, or Amended Returns

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Services

Sales Tax Registration Services

Accounts For Refunds

Our system automatically accounts for refunds given by Amazon to retailers.

Current Liability within a State

Allows retailers and their accountants to understand their total accumulated back-owed liability within a state, based on sales and current, state-specific rates.

Year-to-date Sales within a State

Allows both retailers and their accountants to see what a business’ total sales were within a state and to identify current or future states where income filing requirements will be triggered.

Establish Nexus Date

Gives retailers insight into when their physical presence was established in one or more states.

Sales Tax Exposure Analysis