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Ampersand’s Aqueduct Platform, the Sales and Indirect Tax Automation Engine

Over the course of the last 5 years, Ampersand developed Aqueduct, a highly robust and fully automated technology platform driven by its AI-supported Tax Rate Engine and designed to provide clients with an intuitive and straight-forward user interface, to simplify the management of sales and indirect taxes for e-commerce and multi-state operating companies across all 50 states and 11,000+ local jurisdictions.

Ampersand’s Aqueduct technology platform makes complying with sales and indirect tax accurate, accessible, consistent, and fully auditable.

Elevate Your Marketplace Success

Ampersand Accounting’s Aqueduct is a sales and indirect tax automation platform designed to simplify the management of sales and indirect taxes for e-commerce and multi-state operating companies. It provides services, including sales and indirect tax registrations, filings, reconciliations, audit defense, consulting, and more.

Precise Sales Tax

Aqueduct automatically calculates the correct sales tax based on the product type and the customer's location, ensuring accuracy and compliance

Nationwide Tax

With the ability to manage sales and indirect taxes across all 50 states and 11,000+ local jurisdictions, Aqueduct can handle the complexity of business operations.

Audit Support & Peace
of Mind

Aqueduct provides comprehensive reports and analytics, giving bussiness a clear view of their sales tax obligations and helping them make informed business decisions.

Insightful Reporting
& Analytics

In the event of an audit, Ampersand’s team of tax professionals will provide support and representation, reducing the risk and stress associated with audits.

The Experts

Our team encompasses a diverse range of tax accounting expertise, professional backgrounds, and distinct personalities, ensuring we tailor a perfect fit for you, aligning precisely with your distinct requirements and circumstances.

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"Ampersand has taken the burden out of sales tax compliance for my Amazon and eBay stores. Tax filings and tax calculations are now taken care of by Ampersand leaving me more time to work on my business. Ampersand has always been pleasant and professional. I’m very pleased that I have Ampersand working for me."

Adele Irving
Position, Company name
"I own a 7- figure Amazon FBA business and wanted to ensure my business would be sustainable in spite of considerable sales tax reporting responsibilities. Ampersand worked directly with me to help me understand my obligations and they were able to make all of the sales tax compliance headaches go away with little required work from me! Now I am able to go back to focusing on growing my business!""

Ryan Yaple
Manager, Company name
"Ampersand has taken the burden out of sales tax compliance for my Amazon and eBay stores."

George Loomis

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