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Mission and Value

Our mission is to create innovative solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital age. We are driven by curiosity and use AI and human ingenuity from diverse backgrounds to revolutionize sales tax management. We value diversity and celebrate different perspectives that enrich our shared humanity.


We envision a future where sales tax compliance is seamless and efficient. By harmoniously combining cutting-edge technology with varied human expertise across cultures, we aim to empower businesses to focus on their strengths while we handle sales tax complexities. We promote an inclusive environment that fosters tolerance and mutual understanding.



  1. Empathetic Innovation: We believe progress comes from understanding human needs. By cultivating empathy, we develop solutions that resonate with our clients, enhancing their experiences and building trust while embracing the diversity of perspectives that enrich our journey.


  1. Relentless Curiosity: Inspired by Walt Disney, we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge from varied viewpoints. We constantly seek new paths and push boundaries, driven by curiosity that transcends borders to celebrate rich human experiences.  


  1. Collaborative Synergy: Great achievements come from the harmonious fusion of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and schools of thought. By fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, we harness the collective intelligence and creativity across our multinational teams, global partners, and clients of all identities.


  1. Ethical Stewardship: As pioneers in AI and human expertise, we commit to ethical stewardship. We uphold integrity, transparency, and accountability, ensuring our solutions enhance human potential while respecting diversity and safeguarding fundamental values of tolerance and acceptance.


  1. Adaptive Resilience: In a constantly changing world, we cultivate resilience to adapt to evolving needs and thrive. We see challenges through an intersectional lens as growth opportunities, evolving our solutions to keep clients ahead in sales tax compliance. We remain steadfast in fostering mutual understanding and acceptance, celebrating diverse perspectives.


We offer a full line of accounting services with automations and sales tax solutions.


We will communicate and educate your team as to the processes that we are following and the why to show reasoning for all our tasks.​


Meet our team, 100% remote working all over the world to bring together world class experts.​​

About Us

Ampersand is a specialized, full-service sales and indirect tax consulting firm that provides a full-suite of bespoke services to e-commerce and multi-site operating companies that are required to manage a range of sales and indirect taxes across the U.S. and around the world.

The Ampersand symbol (&) means the word “And” and at Ampersand we have combined the Service of delivering comprehensive, expert solutions for our clients with the Science of sales and indirect tax management and compliance, making us the leading cloud-based consulting firm specializing in sales and indirect taxes with expanded services for GST, HST and VAT for international business.

Ampersand’s Expert Services combined with its Aqueduct Technology Platform – The Power of &.

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Peter Mantell

Founder & CEO

Steven Leung


Cathy Quenzer


Rob Mason


Chris Stierle


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