Ampersand’s Aqueduct

Ampersand’s Aqueduct Platform, the Sales and Indirect Tax Automation Engine

Over the course of the last 5 years, Ampersand developed Aqueduct, a highly robust and fully automated technology platform driven by its AI-supported Tax Rate Engine and designed to provide clients with an intuitive and straight-forward user interface, to simplify the management of sales and indirect taxes for e-commerce and multi-state operating companies across all 50 states and 11,000+ local jurisdictions.


Ampersand’s Aqueduct technology platform makes complying with sales and indirect tax accurate, accessible, consistent, and fully auditable.

Technology when You Need It

Our Aqueduct technology platform is a state-of-the-art sales and indirect tax compliance solution that provides the leading-edge technology you need to stay compliant. Aqueduct is cloud-based and runs 24/7 with the latest, most up-to-date tax rates and regulatory requirements. With Aqueduct, you can rest assured that your compliance and reporting requirements are accurate, consistent and simple to use, giving you peace of mind. Get the service and technology you need to confidently stay compliant.


Ampersand’s Expert Services combined with its Aqueduct Technology Platform – The Power of &.

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We work as a team with staff to ensure all your accounting needs are met.

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We work as a team with staff to ensure all your accounting needs are met.

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Our Aqueduct technology platform provides the heavy-duty computational horsepower to ensure our team of experts and your staff prioritize your tax compliance requirements and optimize our collective efforts to ensure that you get the most out of your tax compliance spend.


Integrated – We work as an integrated team with your staff to ensure that all of your sales and indirect tax requirements are met.

Aqueduct’s Features and Benefits:  

Proprietary API’s with Leading Marketplaces

Aqueduct supports transactions across the leading online marketplaces, including Amazon, Shopify, Etsy,, Ebay, etc.  without the need to develop custom code.  

Aggregates Sales and Tax Data

Aqueduct pulls transaction data from multiple marketplaces and runs calculations and reports for each individual state and local jurisdiction – saves tremendous time and resources.

Resale Certificate Tracker (RCT)

RCT tracks active and expired resale certificates from distributors and includes functionality to exclude exempt sales for exempt customers from the tax calculations.

Dynamic, Real-time Sales Tax Rates Engine

The Rates Engine is updated for routine, periodic tax changes and special tax holidays and exemptions. 

Enterprise Security Protocol

Microsoft’s security tools and procedures are built into the system to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.  

InvoiceBot to Support Sales and Use Tax Requirements

A specialized tool (InvoiceBot) is incorporated to ensure that all invoice data regardless of source (marketplace, ERP, manual, etc.) is uploaded into the database to support both sales and use tax filings. 

Easy to Configure and Update

The system includes product categorization and exemption mapping to ensure that your sales are properly set-up and taxed or exempted, accordingly.

Custom API’s Also Available

Proprietary e-commerce websites can have a custom API developed by Ampersand to automate the process of collecting data and calculating taxes. 

Robust Data Management Protocols

Supported by Microsoft AI, the system allow for processing millions of transactions seamlessly.

Fully Auditable System

To defend against state sales tax audits, the system’s sales tax data and calculations provide unparalleled transparency that is both irrefutable and secure, using advanced AI functionality.

Real-time Nexus Calculations/Thresholds

Directly from the dashboard, the system automatically updates with recommendations for nexus by state.

Simple, Intuitive, Easy to Use Graphical Interface

The interface allows users to efficiently navigate the platform in order to assess issues, determine priorities and complete necessary follow-ups with Ampersand, their CPA firm and/or the relevant jurisdiction(s). 

Cloud Based System

Powered by Microsoft’s Azure’s cloud service, the system runs 24/7 and has an uptime rating of 99.999%

Transaction History Protection

By automatically identifying each transaction with a unique transaction number by marketplace, the system provides ledger reconciliation back to the marketplace for complete historical accuracy.

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