October 26, 2018
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STAUNTON, VIRGINIA– Peter Mantell, Co-Founder of Ampersand Accounting, LLC, E-commerce Sales Tax Experts, Issued the Following Statement Today:

“In the wake of California compelling Amazon to disclose the names, addresses, and tax identification numbers for e-commerce retailers large and small, Ampersand Accounting wants to make sure that e-commerce retailers know they have the support needed pull through these confusing times.

As California sifts through the information provided by Amazon to the state, e-commerce retailers may fear they a burdensome sales tax liability that could cause their assets to be seized and potentially put these small business owners out of business. Ampersand Accounting is here to help e-commerce before any state or locality places these small business owners in their crosshairs.

We stand alongside our e-commerce retail clients to identify their Nexus liability and to advocate for our clients with the states to determine the best options moving forward regarding sales liability in all 50 states.

As we see it, the lawsuits against Amazon from South Carolina and Arizona, are the tip of the iceberg. Small business owners that connect their customers to their goods via the internet or mail order sales possess the most vulnerable sales tax exposure due to the trends of government overreach such as the lawsuits filed by Arizona and South Carolina.

This is wrong. We will work to help these small business owners get in front of their Nexus exposure.

I call on the leaders of all 50 states to educate and communicate with small businesses owners regarding their tax liability. States seem to be missing the reality that small businesses are the backbone of our economy – the government fails to realize the hard work and time it takes to run and successfully manage small businesses. Our job is to help e-commerce retailers focus on running their businesses.

Ampersand Accounting, LLC’s message is clear: We work with our clients to identify their Nexus exposure today and work to get in front of future sales tax liability. We help protect e-commerce retailers protect their investments.”


About Ampersand Accounting:   Ampersand Accounting, LLC is a firm specializing in identifying Nexus exposure for e-commerce retailers. Ampersand provides nationwide full-service sales tax management and compliance services. Ampersand’s extensive experience as e-commerce retailers provides the frame for the application of uniquely qualified talents to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses large and small. Ampersand’s mission is to make expert advice regarding sales tax management strategy including tactics readily available to all e-commerce retailers at an affordable price. To this end, business owners experience minimized risk, and through ongoing services for compliance, and Ampersand clients have a point of contact to assist with their sales tax compliance needs.

Ampersand employs the best and brightest to serve our clients, including CPAs, MBAs, and even the highest designation for sales tax professionals, CMIs. The firm has 100 years of experience in income tax, sales tax, and tax technology. Ampersand specializes exclusively in working with e-commerce businesses small and large.

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